What is 0ffset training Solutions?

0ffset Training Solutions was formed after the realisation that there was a lack of accessible advanced training material surrounding malware analysis and reverse engineering topics in general.
Aside from expensive certification programs targeting corporations looking to train employees and the occasional blog post covering a specific topic, the amount of coherently structured content to walk a user through the basics of malware analysis, up to a point where they could independently analyse samples, was minimal.

After several years publishing blogs with a prime focus on malware reverse engineering, our director, Daniel Bunce (0verfl0w_), released our very first training course; The Beginner Malware Analysis Course. The success of the course surpassed all expectations, leading to development of further courses, including our flagship course Zero2Automated, and the great success that was the Zero2Hero course – a collaboration between SentinelOne, Daniel Bunce, and Vitali Kremez.

Our Specializations

We've spent several years focusing on crucial sectors in the Cyber Security industry, typically surrounding Blue Team operations - with the exception of Red-Team Implant Development, which goes hand-in-hand with Malware Reverse Engineering.

Malware Reverse Engineering

One of the more niche topics in Cyber Security to date, due to the intensive training required, spanning multiple sectors.

Red-Team/Malware Development

Understanding malware development provides a unique perspective across both Red Team and Blue Team operations.

Threat Intelligence & Hunting

Threat Intel is crucial for Blue Team operations, assisting in development of detection rules, TTP portfolios, and more.

Professional Training Development

Being able to convey advanced topics in a simplified format is required when teaching highly sophisticated concepts

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Practical and Affordable High Quality Training for all skill levels

Our specialization has been, and always will be, malware reverse engineering. From simple static analysis of a binary through PE file information, to advanced algorithm analysis, we cover everything you need to become an independent and successful malware reverse engineer, being able to crack the most sophisticated malware families around.

While "reverse engineering" sounds like the reverse of programming and development, scripting plays a huge role in malware reverse engineering - primarily by automating the tasks that can be quite time consuming. From the basics of extracting multiple resources from a binary, to developing a string decryption plugin for IDA Pro to resolve all the strings in the binary, being able to script in a language such as Python will allow you to become an even better malware reverse engineer.

In order to become a successful malware reverse engineer, basic knowledge of several different fields are required, such as; reverse engineering (obviously), malware development, system internals and red team tactics.
Being comfortable with these fields will build your knowledge around all things malware, for example understanding malware techniques (malware development) and how they work at a low level (system internals).  

Our goal is to provide high quality training to those interested in the field - at an affordable price. There are numerous blog posts available that explain how to get into the field with links, but very few walk an individual step-by-step through the important concepts they should focus on learning in order to become successful. Additionally, these blog posts stop at beginner content - barely any explain where to go next. 

Our training is aimed at several different skill levels, and focused on teaching the concepts that are incredibly important to pick up, so that you can pick up a sample of malware and dive into it without feeling lost.


Our Training Fundamentals

All of our courses contain unique material, either introducing new topics, or building upon previously learned information. However, when designing our training, we design them around 3 core fundamentals.

  • Practical Focus

    Theory is important to learn, but practical, hands-on experience allows you to pick up a skill far more efficiently

  • Relevant Examples

    Unfortunately, malware techniques are not always the same nowadays than they were 10 years ago - all of our malware is organically sourced and modern.

  • Affordability

    Training should be affordable to everyone, regardless of if you are working for a Fortune 100 company or as an independent security researcher

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  • What is Malware Reverse Engineering?

    Malware Reverse Engineering is the art of analysing a piece of malware for a specific goal - typically to understand it's functionality. It involves disassembling the binary data to assembly code, allowing analysis of the program flow.

  • Who are the courses aimed at?

    We develop courses for all skill levels, though make sure to read through the course description before diving straight in; for example, Zero2Automated is targeted towards mid-level reverse engineers, malware analysts, and incident responders who have some experience looking at malware. The Beginner Malware Analysis Course is aimed at those who have never picked up a disassembler before!

  • Do I need to know programming?

    It is a lot easier to recite the alphabet in reverse if you know the original ordering of the alphabet. The same goes for reverse engineering; you need to have an understanding of programming concepts to be able to pick up a language such as assembly - concepts such as iteration, functions, data types, etc. You don't need to be a programming whizz, but understanding the concepts will make it easier to master reverse engineering.

  • Why 0ffset Training Solutions?

    Since the release of our first course, we have set our focus on developing the best training material for malware reverse engineering that there is. Our course syllabi are all structured in a methodical and functional format, so that they emulate a real life situation. This allows us to take a brand new student through everything they need, so they can take the course concepts and apply them to real life situations.

  • Are the courses offline?

    Unfortunately our courses are primarily online - we do provide some offline material such as the malware binaries, custom samples, and theoretical PDFs, but to avoid the main content being leaked online we do not offer offline video access.

  • I have a different question!

    No problem! Simply scroll down and you will see an "Further Questions" contact box - drop us a message through there and we will get back to you ASAP!

Further Questions?

Looking for answers to a question not answered above? Feel free to drop us a message using the contact box below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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