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Malware Analysis Training

0ffset Training Solutions assists both individuals, SMEs, and F500s alike through providing professional training within the niche field of malware analysis and reverse engineering, without breaking the bank.


Our course developers are all subject matter experts with years of experience in the industry

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Each tactic and technique discussed within our trainings is paired with a relevant malware sample, so no reading whitepapers
We aim to only use the latest malware families when possibly within our training, so no stuxnet analyses
Our courses are of the highest quality, not just in video and audio, but also in the material provided such as custom malware samples
Part of our ethos, to make all of our courses accessible for those who are interested to learn, but don't have the support of an organisation
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With over 50+ hours of content between both of our courses, plus the aspect of lifetime access, as well as the course community, you’ll always have something to work on!

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Join over 4,000+ like-minded students who have taken their first (or next!) step to enhance their skills within the malware analysis and reverse engineering field

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On-Demand Virtual Trainings

The Beginner Malware Analysis Course

Ideal for junior malware analysts, graduates, or simply anyone looking to break into the malware analysis industry!

Zero2Auto: Advanced Malware Analysis Course

Our bestselling training course, with over 25+ hours of advanced content, paired with an exclusive Discord community, and much more

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Corporate Packages

Looking to train your internal teams with our online programs! Drop us a line and we can arrange bulk orders as well as bulk discounts where applicable, via card (or bank transfer in certain cases)

Tailored Trainings

Perhaps you want something slightly more complex? Perhaps more coverage on a certain topic? We'll be happy to discuss the potential of a tailored syllabus to fit your requirements

Conference Workshops

We're always looking to present our training and conferences across the globe. Interested in arranging malware analysis training for your conference? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Private One-on-One

Maybe more direct training is desired? While we don't offer it en masse, we will attempt to accommodate your request through a quote for services, as well as a custom training program & timeline

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Start your journey into the world of malware analysis now.

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Latest Research

Alongside training courses, we are always investigating the latest threats to provide insight to the general community, as well as assist those attempting to analyse the same sample

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Student Testimonials

Amged Wageh,
Amged Wageh,
Course Student
This course has all it takes to be the best malware analysis course out there, the content is wonderful, the content creators and instructors are well-known researchers, the price is considerably cheap, and most importantly the practical aspect of the course (which is the most important thing in a malware analysis course) is very intense!

Danus Minimus,
Danus Minimus,
Course Student
I really want to give a shout out to @0verfl0w_ and @VK_Intel for their #Zero2Auto Malware course. Having access to a well organized syllabus which structurally teaches malware analysis, and not to mention automation. I am one happy researcher.

Felipe Duarte,
Felipe Duarte,
Course Student
Such an excellent content. This is a must if you want to understand the real power of analyzing malware. It offers up-to-date content and very detailed explanations including notorious malware samples such as Qakbot and IcedID. The whole course is organized in such a way that it makes you grasp the key concepts of reverse engineering cyber threats, without going crazy. Absolutely love it.

Chuong Dong,
Chuong Dong,
Course Student
Most courses I found on malware analysis were either too basic/general or they did not have much hands-on practice at all. Z2A is completely different because it’s really practical and decently challenging. The theory of most covered topic can be found online, but the full walkthrough of malware samples that use those techniques in this course is invaluable. I would say this course is probably one of the best investments I have made to learn RE!
Course Student
Zero to Automated is a natural progression to SANS FOR610, expanding on the analysis of malware obfuscation techniques by dissecting the most prolific and pervasive malware families in use by cybercrime campaigns today.

Johnny Belinda,
Johnny Belinda,
Course Student
This course is really worth it! When last time I checked SANS course FOR610 with info from 2016 it cost around 7k and I'm quite not sure is it even worth the amount of money zero2auto costs

Giacomo Casoni,
Giacomo Casoni,
Course Student
In my opinion, the course was amazing. The range of topics is really wide, and yet everything is discussed in detail and explained thoroughly. One can tell a lot of work went into making this course, which still sells at a very affordable price. The self-paced approach is invaluable when trying to digest so much densely packed information. I don't think there is anything else available out there with such a great quality to price ratio.

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